Generic comments for ratings

We have a collection of short comments that can be used to rate any app. There are more than thousand of them for each type of app.

Please note those comments are short, generic and don't highlight any app specifics features.

Game comments


love this game.


Love this game


Really good


Very good game


very enjoyable


Fun to play


My Favorite Game


I just love this GAME


I love this game


I enjoy relaxing with this game


I relax when playing this game


Makes you think ahead


User Friendly


Good stress buster


Good to pass the time


Easy and challenging to play.


Good, relaxing and entertaining


Awesome fun to play.


Relaxing and fun.


Fantastic thanks


4 stars

The game is quite good but it would be cool if you added some more effects


The new update is very nice.


It's an interesting game


Challenging and a lot of fun


Excellent game. Can't wait to see what the developers add with next update


The new update is good


I want some more games from that


It's cool, though it might need more features


It is better than I think


Fun but after a while it get boring.


Pretty good


Enjoyable game! Challenging but not overly so.


I like this game


I love this game


This is nice game


It's quite good


Thanks for the updates


Very interesting concept, but I think some things could be executed better

App comments


i like this app


Works great


Very useful app


very good app


Works Great


Very nice app


Very good app


Good Application


Best Application


works great


Very good...


it's very nice


This is very good


awesome working


very very good


very useful app




Good application


very useful


Pretty good




Awesome app


Good Application


does the job


all good so far


very useful


This apps is really good, but i have few small problems


It's very useful


Super useful!! Thanks guys


its cool app


Simple and Useful.


Nice features


It good what it is